Error Codes

When a client error occurs, a 4xx HTTP status code is returned with the following error payload. error_code provides an error code which is more specific than the HTTP status code. Error codes are listed below.

  "error": {
    "error_code": string,
    "message": string


Error Code Message
1000 Unknown error
1001 Not Authorized
1002 Permission denied
1004 Analysis was not found
1005 Insight was not found
1006 Url export was not found
1007 User was not found
1008 Revision was not found
1009 Query was not found
1010 Project was not found
1011 Crawl Statistics Data is currently not available
1012 Pdf Export was not found
1013 Dry run segment not found
1014 Segment Rule not found
1015 Bad regular expression
1016 Fields are mandatory
1017 No result for this URL
1018 Insight identifiers are mandatory
1019 Invalid area
1020 Badly formatted request
1021 Query not found on request
1022 Badly formatted queries
1023 Badly formatted aggregation query
1024 Query parameter should be an object
1025 Frequency not found on request
1026 Incorrect value for ‘frequency’ parameter
1027 Cannot launch export: more than 10 fields requested
1028 Cannot launch export: more than 1 multiple field requested
1029 Field does not exist
1030 Field is not allowed to perform suggest operation
1031 Field is not allowed to perform top values operation
1032 Can not request insight in current context
1033 Crawl data file (S3) is missing
1034 The requested feature is disabled
1035 The comparison features is disabled
1036 The Visits feature is disabled
1037 The requested task failed
1038 Cannot delete an already-launched planified crawl
1039 Method not allowed
1040 Logfile was not found
1041 Logfile preview is not allowed
1042 User setting was not found
1043 The query is too big to execute it
1044 Query can not be executed
1045 The list of urls for dry run on segments contains invalid URLs
1046 The Search Engines feature is disabled
1047 Orphans not found
1048 Search Engines Internal Error
1049 Logfile analysis was not found
1050 Logfile analysis id not allowed
1051 Logfile samples was not found
1052 A CSV export is already running
1053 Too many requests
1054 Log file analysis job settings not found
1055 Out of range logfile analysis date
1056 Too large logfile analysis date range
1057 Badly formatted regex in query
1058 An advanced export is already running
1059 Advanced export was not found
1060 The export failed