We provide integrations that allow you to view Botify data in situ, wherever you might need it.

Google Sheets Addon

Botify for Google Sheets allows you to easily get Botify data in your Google sheets spreadsheets.
Note that, currently only a small subset of the API is supported by this addon.
Check the documentation, the source code and issue tracker on Github. Feel free to customize our macros or contributing to the project.

Google Data Studio Connector

Botify for Google Google Data Studio allows you to display Botify data in your Google Data Studio dashboards. Get access to over 900 metrics about your website, and combine Botify’s award-winning data with your own KPIs.

Botify CMS Embed

Botify CMS Embed allows you to easily get Botify data for a URL inside your Content Management System.
Empower your content editors to have their content’s SEO information right inside their content editing views.